Strategic Intelligence

Secodify provides a cohesive experience for
intelligence, incident detection, and red teams
to enable organizations of any size to be
more insightful, focused, and efficient.
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Independently powerful.
Better together.

Secodify offers a full stack of software for threat intelligence analysts, incident detection, and red teams to prioritize work, focus on what's most important, and gain efficiencies. They're independently powerful, but better when used together.

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Threat Intelligence

Annotate intel for more efficient analysis and distribution to stakeholders.

Incident Detection

Prioritize detection creation tasks and identify data source value and investment.

Red Teams

Organize campaigns using techniques that provide the most value to intelligence and detection teams.

Strategic Intelligence

Obtain deep insights into capabilities, evaluate organizational decisions, and justify initiatives.


What we do

Mature your capabilities, prioritize work, and gain deep insights.

Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence software to help you save time on identifying, analyzing, and disseminating actionable information to support strategic intelligence efforts and better defend your organization.


  • Annotate Intelligence
  • Workspaces
  • Prioritized Content
  • Threat Brief
  • Automated ATT&CK™
  • Analytics

Incident Detection

Incident detection software to help you prioritize signature creation workflows, evaluate data source and technology value, and identify detection coverage to techniques, software, and groups.


  • Technology Mapping
  • Data Source Mapping
  • Detection Mapping
  • Signature Prioritization
  • Mitigation Mapping
  • Analytics

Red Team

Red team software to help you intelligently organize campaigns, improve visibility to technique coverage, and more efficiently collaborate with threat intelligence and detection teams.


  • Campaign Intelligence
  • Simulation Mapping
  • Technology Validation
  • Data Source Validation
  • Detection Validation
  • Analytics