Incident Detection

Incident Detection process

Improve your incident detection processes in Secodify's unified environment. Save time, prioritize work, and gain valuable insights.


Define your company's technologies.

Data Source

Identify your company's data sources.


Create your company's detection set.


Map your capabilities to techniques.

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Technology Mapping

Define your organizational technologies and map to data sources, detection sets, and technique coverage. Gain new insights into technology value.

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Data Sources

Identify your data sources and map to technologies, detection sets, and technique coverage. Gain new insights to data source value.

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Detection Workflow

Receive contextual intelligence, aligned to data source and technique coverage, to build detection signatures. Automatically prioritize detection creation workflows to focus on the most valuable tasks.

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Detection Insights

Gain deep insights to incident detection data sources, detection coverage, and task prioritization through Secodify's analytics.

Secodify helps provide measurable insights to technology spend justification, data source value, and operational maturity.

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Technology to Technique Coverage
Data Source to Technique Coverage
Detection Set to Technique Coverage